Musing Mondays October 1 2012

This week’s musing asks…

What distracts you when you really “should be reading”? ;) 


If it comes down to “should be reading” instead of “I get to read” then reading has become a job not a pleasure and I scale back on the books I agree to review  .  There are a lot of things that can interfere with my reading for pleasure.  Travel is a big one.  On the trip I just came back from my reading dropped to a very low level because I was out doing other fun things.  When I am home things like gardening (which is another of my loves) keep me from reading.  House work (which I don’t love but have to do) will interfere.  Cooking (another of my loves) takes time away from reading. I have some favorite TV shows that distract (I do read during the commercials).  Time with friends also takes time away from reading.  Most of the things that interfere are good activities I do not want to give up.


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