Silent Revenge by Laura Landon

Historical Romance

Silent Revenge was one of my picks from Amazon Vine in September.  When the book came I saw that Montlake Romance, the Amazon publishing company, was releasing it on October 16, 2012.  I have had hit and miss results with books they have published so I approached this one with caution.  All in all I found that I liked the story.  It was a quick and enjoyable read.

The premise is an old one.  Colin, The Earl of Northcote is broke and needs money to keep his estates.  Lady Jessica Stanton just found out that her stepbrother is alive and when she turn 25 in 6 days he will take everything she has unless she marries.  Of course Colin and Jessica marry and then the stepbrother tries to get rid of both.

Silent Revenge is a much told story but with a twist.  Lady Jessica has two secrets that have been shared with only a few trusted friends.  One she is deaf, something she has managed to keep from the ton.  She can read lips and rarely appears in public.  The other secret, she designs the dresses everyone wants to wear.

Colin, on the other hand is suspected of murdering his father and fleeing the country 3 years ago.  He has his own secrets and his own reasons for marrying Jessica.  Money is one but there is another that is more important to him than the money.

I liked both Colin and Jessica.  I did think the romance on Colin’s side was a little rushed.  Another thing I noticed was the lack of pages and pages of sex.  It was there but not in great detail.  For me that was plus as I usually end up skimming those scenes until I get back to the meat of the story.

Silent Revenge is not Laura Landons’s first book.  When I checked her web site I found that she has published at least four other romance novels.  She is an author to keep an eye out for.

Montlake Romance published Silent Revenge by Laura Landon in 2012. 

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