Shield’s Lady by Jayne Ann Krentz

Science Fiction Romance/Futuristic

I got Jayne Ann Krentz’s newsletter and saw where Shield’s Lady was offered as an ebook for 1.99.  I had read the other two Lost Colony books Sweet Starfire and Crystal Flame.  I even have a combined hardcopy of the two books but had never read Shield’s Lady so I purchased and read.  All three were written in the 1980’s so are early example’s of Krentz’s futuristic writing.  For me they are not as good as the St. Helen’s books and those are not as good as the Harmony/Ghost Hunter books.  That said they are worth reading and do let you see Krentz’s progression as a writer.

Shield’s Lady was the last of the Lost Colony series and for me it is the best.  In this colony there were two colony ships and they crashed on separate continents on the planet Windarra.  Both groups thought that everyone on the other ship perished.  They have just recently rediscovered each other.  Both groups have developed in very different manners. 

Sariana Dayne is from the eastern continent where lives are very structured and in Sariana’s mind much more civilized.  She has moved to the western continent and although she does not realize it at first she fits much better on the western continent where life if full of surprises. 

Gryph Chassyn is a Shield. Shields are surrounded by mystery and legends.  There are not Shields on the eastern continent so this is Sariana’s first contact with a Shield.  Sariana does not believe in legends.  Shields have special powers that help protect the people of the planet.  One thing that is unique about them is the fact they have to find their Shield Mate to every have children and then they only have male children.  Sariana is Gryph’s Shield Mate.  Not that she believes that.  When the two end up working together sparks fly. 

The set up here is great.  There is a lot of tension between Gryph and Sariana.  She refuses to believe the part about Shield Mates.   Gryph never askes, he orders.  Sariana never follows orders.  A prisma cutter has been stolen and Sariana needs Gryph to find it.  What develops is much more than a theft.  The theft is part of a dangerous plot that only Gryph and Sariana can stop.

Shield’s Lady was a quick fun read.  If you like Jayne Ann Krentz’s futuristic stories pick this on up and find out about one of the Lost Colonies.

Purple Papaya LLC reissued Shield’s Lady by Jayne Ann Krentz as an ebook in June , 2012.

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