Balance of Terror by KS Ausustin

Science Fiction Romance

I read In Enemy Hands when it was released.  It was an excellent story but the ending left a lot up in the air.  Balance of Terror finishes the story.  It has been awhile since In Enemy Hands so the author included a full synopsis of In Enemy Hands at the beginning of Balance of Terror.  You could just read that and be somewhat up to speed but I recommend reading In Enemy Hands first.

Here is the Blurb from the book:

Save one man? Or save billions? It’s Moon’s choice.

Stellar physicist Moon Thadin and amnesiac savant Srin Flerovs are on their way to possible sanctuary with an old research partner of Moon’s. But between them and safety lie a cunning arms dealer, a suspicious pirate captain, and a universe of unfamiliarity.


Refusing to turn her research into a weapon, Moon and Srin outran the Republic in IN ENEMY HANDS, only to find that the anti-Republic rebels they’re heading for want her knowledge for the same reason, and they’re willing to trade critical gene therapy for it. Withhold the therapy and Srin will die. Share the research and billions will die.


Can the needs of one ever truly outweigh the needs of many?


While that lets you know what Moon and Srin’s choices are the outcome is not what you might expect.  With the help of a friend there is a HEA for Moon and Srin.  The story follows an interesting path.  There are obstacles, new characters and several characters from another book.  All in all I found the story and the ending very satisfying.  Look for something different that allows Moon and Srin to have their HEA.

Those characters from another story;  Moon and Srin run across Quinton from Quinton’s Story.  I wondered if we would get the sequel to two stories in one but that didnt happen.  Augustin promises the next chapter of Quinton’s Story sometime in 2013.  I will be looking for it to be published.

If you are a Science Fiction Romance fan you do not want to miss either of Moon and Srin’s books.  In fact look up KS Augustin to see her other SFR books.  They are all worth reading.

 Sandal Press published Balance of Terror by KS Augustin in 2012.


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